Tempur Sealy Customers Personal Info is Vulnerable after a Data Breach

samantha severyn

A 2016 Data Breach led to a class action against Tempur Sealy International Inc. and its former website host, Aptos Inc., for not notifying their customers in a timely manner.

According to the complaint, Tempur Sealy and Aptos Inc. failed to appropriately safeguard customers’ personal information leaving them vulnerable to data breaches. Customers’ full names, phone numbers, payment cards account numbers, and card expiration dates were compromised in early 2016. Apto’s discovered the breach in November 2016 but didn’t inform clients until February 2017.

“Defendants allowed widespread and systematic theft of their customers’ personal information,” the suit says. “Defendants’ actions did not come close to meeting the standards of commercially reasonable steps that should be taken to protect customers’ personal information.

These claims are violations of many states’ consumer protection laws and data breach notification statutes.


If you are a Tempur Sealy customer and feel that your personal information has been compromised, please contact us at Info@MyPirl.com