TransUnion Sued over FCRA Violations

samantha severyn

According to a lawsuit filed this month against TransUnion LLC, the credit reporting agency had subjectively labeled customers as possible terrorists or criminals on their reports to lenders, violating the Fair Credit Reporting Act! For these violations, the customers involved in this lawsuit are asking $1000 for each violation for each class member.

According to the lead plaintiff, Sergio L. Ramirez, he had found out he was “matched” on a list of terrorists and drug traffickers by TransUnion. When Ramirez tried to resolve the issue with TransUnion Customer Service they gave him “the runaround” and eventually told him he would need a lawyer. “It’s embarrassing and I don’t think it’s right, what they’re doing,” Ramirez said. “I just don’t think it’s right period.”

The suit claims that when Trans Union does a name match with the U.S. Department of Treasury they do not match and verify birthdays to make sure it is the right person, therefore creating faulty Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) alerts, that can be very damaging and restricting to individuals applying for loans, cars, homes, or credit cards.

In TransUnion Defense, Stephen J. Newman argued that the customers haven’t been harmed by these labels and at the most were just “slightly inconvenienced.” Then Newman smugly goes on to say that “Each one of you have more delay and inconvenience taking off your shoes in security than the inconvenience alleged.” He also tells the court that this was a rare accident from paperwork being passed down the chain through multiple financial entities, causing “garbled data.”

This isn’t the only Lawsuit against TransUnion for Violating the FCRA!


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