Sears: Robo-Dialing Customers & Violating the TCPA

samantha severyn

Sears has been accused of violating the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), by excessively calling from unmarked numbers to advertise their business to customers.

Plaintiff, Abante Rooter, claims Sears Holding Corp. called him repeatedly after he requested on numerous occasions that he be taken off the calling list. Rooter received a new number in January 2016 and despite having no relation with Sears he began receiving soliciting phone calls with offering to replace his windows.

“The TCPA was designed to prevent calls and messages like the one described within this complaint, and to protect the privacy of citizens like [Rooter],” the complaint states.

The complaint states that Rooters phone calls were from an automatic dialing system drawing from a call list, invading individuals privacy.

The proposed class includes cellphone users who allegedly received similar, unsolicited calls from Sears within the past four years.

Rooter is seeking statutory damages and an injunction against the calls.


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