Reader’s Digest Agrees to Payout 8.2M for Privacy Violations

samantha severyn

Trusted Media Brands Inc., publishers of Reader’s Digest, were sued over allegations that they sold subscribers’ personal information, violating many privacy laws. Detailed personal information such as home addresses, as well as demographic information such as gender and political affiliation, were given to third parties without written consent from the subscribers.

According to the plaintiff in the suit, a barrage of unwanted junk mail and telephone solicitors began harassing her after TMBI sold her information. TMBI failed to obtain any form of consent before disclosing her personal information, as well as thousands of other subscribers’ personal information.


The publishers of Reader’s Digest have agreed to pay $8.2 million to settle these claims.

According to the papers, class members can claim up to $50 for their claims.



Check back with us in the near future for details on how to file a claim.


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