Corporate Responsibility Used to Mean Something in This Country: Monsanto Needs to do the Right Thing!

samantha severyn

The agrochemical giant Monsanto is finally feeling the backlash of a Federal Judge and the Millions of consumers that are tired of being poisoned! Year after year this Multi-billion-dollar Corporation has managed to get every case against them in the court room thrown out. However, this time Federal Judge Salvador Mendoza in the 9th circuit court district isn’t going to let them get off that easy. The Trial is expected to begin early 2018.

Monsanto company officials stated they plan to “vigorously defend the case”, in fact, they have already tried their best to get it dismissed by claiming too much time has passed. With Billions of dollars and some of the best lawyers in the World that aren’t just knowledgeable on the law and all the sneaky loop holes, but they help to write it. It’s no wonder Monsanto has gotten away with mass genocide for decades!

The basis for many of the lawsuits against Monsanto is that the company knew for decades that chemicals they made and sold were harmful to not just animals but humans and the environments as well. There are decades of propaganda and television commercials publicizing their use of harmful chemicals, some of which have since been banned, as well as public acknowledgments of their chemicals extreme negative effects on the environment and our water ways. The damage these chemicals cause to open water ways and food supplies shouldn’t be dismissed any longer! In addition, the cities budget and individuals within these cities shouldn’t have to pay for the clean-up of their mess. It is time they are held responsible for their actions. It is time Monsanto grew a back bone and developed some integrity!

According to Rick Eichstaedt, executive director of the Center for Justice in Spokane, Washington as well as the executive director of the Riverkeeper program, “We’re spending millions of dollars to try to get clean-up on this river. Meanwhile, Monsanto made millions of dollars off selling this stuff, when they knew there was an impact.”

“It’s time Monsanto steps up and does the right thing. Enough is enough. Corporate responsibility used to mean something in this country, and Monsanto is trying to push the cost of its pollution back onto city residents,” said Scott Summy of Baron & Budd, P.C.


Spokane Washington is represented by Baron & Budd, P.C., a national law firm, and by Gomez Trial Attorneys, of San Diego, Calif. The two firms also represent seven other cities, including Seattle, Portland, San Jose, Oakland, Berkeley, Long Beach, and San Diego in the fight against Monsanto.