Nature Valley False Labeling and Deceptive Advertisement! #FakeGreenRevolution

samantha severyn

A lawsuit brought on by three non-profits against Nature Valley’s Granola Bars has been set in motion to proceed!

Makers of Nature Valleys Granola Bars, General Mill, was denied a motion to dismiss the lawsuit. The judge found it very reasonable that consumers would expect their “100% Natural” labeled products to be free from herbicides.

Moms Across America, Organic Consumer Association, and Beyond Pesticide are the three non-profits that filed suit against General Mill with claims of misleading the public into buying their products based off of advertisements such as “Made with 100% NATURAL whole grain oats”.

A chemical herbicide called glyphosate is an ingredient in Monsanto’s poison called Roundup which has been found in alarmingly high levels in Nature Valleys “100% natural” bars.

The Judge’s decision to proceed with the lawsuit was a huge step in the right direction, according to Organic Consumers Association’s international director Ronnie Cummins. Cummins claimed, “In making this ruling, the judge reinforced the right of consumers to have reasonable expectations about what a company means by 'natural.' The 'natural' food industry is estimated at $90 billion a year. By slapping the word 'natural' on products that contain pesticides and other unnatural substances, corporations deceive consumers, and cut into the market share for authentically labeled healthy and certified organic products."

We have seen this all too often these days. Along with the Green Revolution came money hungry, greedy, unethical corporations who saw an opportunity to make more money by integrating naturalistic marketing into their chemical cocktail products in order to appeal to the masses. When a consumer chooses to buy a product because it is labeled as “100% Natural” they do so because it is a direct communication from the manufacturer. When companies deceive consumers with ‘natural’ labeling when their products, in fact, contain dangerous chemicals their validity to claims in the future are unreliable.


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