Kona Beer Hawaiian-made Mislabeling Lawsuit

samantha severyn

Kona Beer falsely prides itself on its ‘Hawaiian origins’, a quick look at their webpage will show you so. However, the beer is not brewed in Hawaii. Many consumers feel that they have been misled by Kona Beers misrepresentation and mislabeling.

Craft Brew advertises, markets, distributes, and sells these brands of beer to consumers via retail stores and restaurants throughout the United States based on the misrepresentation that these beers are brewed by Kona Brewing Company in Hawaii. But none of these brands of beer (bottled, canned, and continental U.S. draft) are brewed by the Kona Brewing Company in Hawaii.  Rather, these beers are made by Craft Brew in Oregon, Washington, Tennessee, and/or New Hampshire.

According to the lawsuit, Craft Brew was able to make a fortune on this unlawful scheme overcharging for this special “Hawaiian” beer and obtaining wrongful profits.


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