Blue Diamond Almond Milk Mislabeled and Overpriced!

samantha severyn

For a couple years now Blue Diamonds Almond Milk has been under scrutiny for the nutritional values advertised and the amount of Almond actually in the “Almond Milk”.

According to the lawsuit Blue Diamond deceptively marketed their Almond Milk as a QUALITY alternative to dairy milk with equivalent or SUPERIOR amounts of nutrients, when in fact it does not!

Almond Milk is Marketed as a healthy alternative to dairy milk and it is priced to match its superior quality, however the reality is that is lacks many nutrients and minerals found in the standard dairy products.

According to the lawsuit, “By calling its almond beverages ‘milk,’ a term historically used to define cow’s milk, defendant has capitalized on reasonable consumers’ understanding of the well-known health benefits and essential nutrients that dairy milk provides without actually providing those health benefits and essential nutrients,”

In addition, the lawsuit claims that Blue Diamond has failed to label their milk as “imitation milk” as required by the U.S. FDA.

The main plaintiff in the case, Cynthia Painter, seeks an order for Blue Diamond to revive its label, and repay consumers the extra money they paid for an “overvalued” product.


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