US Bank's Deceptive ATM & Overdraft Fees

samantha severynComment

This class action lawsuit alleges US Bank deceptively charged consumers TWO “out-of-network” ATM fees and unfairly charged excessive overdraft fees. 

Because US Bank account documents do not provide consumers with proper notification of double ATM fees the lawsuit alleges violations of representation in US Bank’s documents and constitutes a breach of contract. Additionally, US bank violates its contractual promises when assessing overdraft fees on transactions where funds were “put aside” to ensure sufficient coverage of costs. 

US Banks current debit card policy is to immediately make an internal deduction on your account after making a purchase to ensure funds will be available when the transaction completes its processing (which could sometimes take a day or two). However, the lawsuit alleges US Bank still charges overdraft fees on these transactions! 

According to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, this practice is “deceptive” and “Consumers likely had no reason to anticipate this practice, which was not appropriately disclosed. They therefore could not reasonably avoid incurring the overdraft fees charged.

The lawsuit states, “In plain, clear, and simple language, the checking account contract documents discussing [overdraft] Fees promise that US Bank will only charge OD Fees on transactions when there are insufficient funds to pay a given transaction. In short, US Bank is not authorized by contract to charge OD Fees on transactions that have not overdrawn an account, but it has done so and continues to do so.” 

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