Diestel Turkey Products - Not so Natural?

Stephanie LairComment

Diestel Turkey Ranch sells their turkey products at premium prices by advertising their turkeys as “All Natural”, “Thoughtfully Raised”, “Free Range”, “good”, “clean”, and “wholesome” food.

The advertising shows green fields with happy, healthy birds so they must be better than the other guys right? Not to mention the steep price of up to 15-times more than the non-organic, non-thoughtfully raised, non-free range turkeys.

 Some Turkey producers may say that their birds are all natural, organic, thoughtfully raised, and range grown, but a current lawsuit in California against Diestel alleges that the company has been falsely advertising their products, misleading consumers into paying top dollar for birds that are raised in similar conditions as their lower priced competitors.

You may have been duped into spending extra in hopes of feeding your family and friends the best quality turkey. Or duped into paying more because you thought the turkey had a better life or was produced with sustainable farming practices. Fill out the form below to share your thoughts, experience, and to be kept in the loop!

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